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Culture of Honor Movement Aims to Spread Love and Respect

New revolution is based on The Code of Honor, a 17-point blueprint for living an honorable life.

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, FEBRUARY 24, 2016 - John LeDonne haswitnessed firsthand on the streets and in his career how individuals are capable of taking advantage of situations to gain status, even if by dishonorable means. Now, he is launching the Culture of Honor movement and apparel collection, a combination that is bringing awareness to how dishonorable all levels of society have become and how people can come together to make a change. “It’s all about love and respect,” said LeDonne.

Through this mission, Culture of Honor aims to raise money for research to discover ways for guiding people of all ages and social statuses towards living honorable lives. LeDonne’s company is founded upon The Code of Honor, a 17-point guide for living an honorable life that includes points such as:

  • Live in an honorable way by being truthful and without intentionally causing harm.
  • Be honest without intentionally hurting feelings.
  • Do not cheat, lie, or steal.
  • Treat all living things with care and respect.

According to LeDonne, the Code of Honor doesn’t mean that everyone has to like everything; instead, people should be able to respect others enough to not harm or destroy them. A newly released video from Culture of Honor features LeDonne, who explains the driving force behind the revolution. “Dishonor is destroying the world every day, but if we can all start to live with honor, we can make this world a great place again,” he said. Once people have accepted and adopted the Code of Honor into their lives, they can show their support and share the message by wearing Culture of Honor apparel. Currently, Culture of Honor offers a collection of apparel for men and women that includes caps, beanies, tanks, and tees.

According to LeDonne, “The brand is not just about apparel, it’s about The Code of Honor the brand’s a clothing brand with a mission of encouraging people to live a life of honor.” LeDonne has also announced a Kickstarter campaign for the Culture of Honor movement.

Through the crowdfunding campaign, people will have the unique opportunity to be a part of the company’s launch. Pledgers will receive exclusive perks, including early bird orders. With a $10 pledge, crowdfunders will be memorialized on the Culture of Honor website to show the world that they support Culture of Honor while living an honorable life per The Code of Honor. The Kickstarter campaign can be found at

People from all walks of life are invited to join the Culture of Honor movement by discovering The Code of Honor, which can be found at the Culture of Honor website. LeDonne is pleased to spark this movement, which relies upon those who choose to live honorable lives to survive. More information about the revolution can be found at

About Culture of Honor
Culture of Honor is all about love and respect. The movement is based on The Code of
Honor, a 17-point guideline for living an honorable life. Supporters can be seen wearing
Culture of Honor apparel, thus spreading the message to others.

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John LeDonne
Culture of Honor
Phone: 412-853-4932


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